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Bandi raises questions in letter to SIT

Bandi raises questions in letter to SIT

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) in Hyderabad is currently investigating the TSPSC question paper leak, and State BJP chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar has been asked to appear before them. However, he has stated that he cannot attend due to the ongoing Parliament session. In a letter to the SIT special officer, he expressed his lack of trust in the SIT, which was constituted by the state government. He also mentioned that he had no issue with the SIT’s refusal to understand his valid reasons for not being able to attend the hearing.

Bandi Sanjay Kumar believes that the news of TSPSC paper leak, especially the Group I paper, has shocked the collective conscience of the state. He stated that a responsible minister in the state cabinet had claimed that there were only two people involved in the scam, but the actual number of people involved is much higher. He also mentioned that he had received information from independent sources that a large number of people were unduly qualified in a certain village. He had brought this information to the public domain so that the SIT could investigate and find out the truth.

As a public representative and the president of State BJP, Bandi Sanjay Kumar receives information from many sources, and it becomes incumbent on his part to put it in the public domain. However, instead of pursuing the matter, the SIT chose to serve notice to him and expect him to appear before them.

On Sunday, a legal team met with the SIT on behalf of Bandi Sanjay Kumar. The investigation into the TSPSC question paper leak is ongoing, and further updates are expected in due course.



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