Salman Khan-hosted ‘Bigg Boss 15’ is currently grabbing headlines for the budding romance between contestants Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal. In a new promo that was shared on Colors TV’s Instagram account, both Miesha and Ieshaan could be seen getting intimate and kissing each other multiple times. 

While the new couple in the house did not seem bothered by the cameras present, many viewers found their public display of affection ’embarrassing’.  

The viral promo shows the couple hugging and kissing each other with many fans terming their relationship as the most “fast-paced love affair ever”. The promo starts with Miesha asking Ieshaan if he is forgetting something which prompts him to go to her and hug and kiss her. 

Watch the promo here. 

The popular song “Bheegein Honth Tere” can be heard playing in the background of the entire video. The video was captioned as, “The spark of romance is burning in the jungle.” 

Criticising the couple’s PDA, one fan wrote, “Tauba tauba #IeshaanSehgal aur #MeishaIyer kar Kya rahe dono? Embarrassing to watch with family on TV. Honeymoon mana rahe purra (Oh my god, what are they doing? It is embarrassing to watch it with family. It seems like they’re on a honeymoon.)” 

Another fan said, “The day my dad decides to watch Bigg Boss with my mom and me, that’s when Miesha and Ishan decide to kiss.”

One fan also demanded Meisha and Ieshaan get evicted from the show. “Please evict Miesha and Ishaan immediately. The promo started and they kissed passionately. And remote was in my mom’s hand. You can’t imagine how embarrassed I was, it became a parent-child awkward moment. Bhai ITNA tez to Usain Bolt bhi Nahi Hoga. (Even Usain Bolt isn’t this fast.) #BiggBoss #BiggBoss15.”

Over the weekend, host Salman Khan had also observed that though he has seen many stages of relationships over the years in ‘Bigg Boss’, he has never seen things progress this quickly between two contestants.

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