Jay Bhanushali and Tejasswi Prakash will have a fight in the upcoming ‘Bigg Boss 1’5 episode. In the show’s pre-cap ad, Bigg Boss announces that a new captaincy task will begin soon.

The task’s ‘Sanchalak,’ is Tejasswi Prakash however, before the mission can begin, Pratik wrecks the enjoyment once more resulting in Jay and Ieshaan getting agitated.

They try to express their dissatisfaction to Tejasswi, the task’s sanchalak. But she refuses to intervene, claiming that she can’t do anything because she didn’t witness anything. Pratik had touched the task properties even before the it began, Jay and Ieshaan point out and say he can’t play anything fairly. They implore Tejasswi to assist them once more, but she says she is unable to do so. This enrages Jay, who decides to give Pratik a taste of his own medicine by tossing out his task prop.

Pratik complains to Jay, and Tejasswi appears to be siding with Pratik in the clip. Jay informs her that he wanted to prove Pratik wrong, and she refers to him as a ‘sore loser’. The actor-turned-anchor loses his temper and tells Tejasswi that this sentence should never be used for him.

Tejasswi and Jay have been friends since the beginning, but it’s difficult to predict whether their friendship will last.

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