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Mayur Gharat says web series are exploring the exciting world of storytelling

ByTelangana Tribune

Jan 21, 2021

Mayur Gharat is a known name in M Town. Thanks to his proficiency and competence, he has come a long way to establish himself in this industry. He has done modelling for different brands in South East Asia, commercial print & digital ads and produced Marathi movies and serials. Furthermore, this budding entrepreneur is making his mark in construction, petroleum and hotel industry as well.

He has always aspired to enter B Town as a producer and is now gearing up to take a plunge into which is known to be the biggest entertainment industry of our country – Bollywood. The project Mayur is working on is still in the nascent stage. He is looking forward to working with some talented people from the industry and is yet to decide the star cast. He couldn’t share any further details of the project as he has kept it under the wraps for obvious reasons.

Mayur is also exploring options in web series as he feels that it is a great option to showcase some of the best storytelling. This digital medium has given the filmmakers the freedom and platform to  present their stories as they want, he added. In addition to his good looks, the young multiskilled producer is extremely talented and hopes to excel in this industry.

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