In some exciting news for ‘Money Heist’ fans, Netflix, on Wednesday, finally released the nail-biting teaser for Volume 2 of Money Heist Part 5, which will be released globally on December 3.

The teaser begins with the professor (Álvaro Morte) saying, “In the last few hours, I have lost some very important people, and I am not going to let anyone else die for this heist.” 

Watch the teaser here.

[embedded content]

The 44-second teaser trailer makes the wait for the final five episodes of the hit Spanish series (known as La casa de papel) much more difficult. 

In the trailer, apart from the professor, we also see glimpses of his team — Lisbon (Itziar Ituño), Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Rio (Miguel Herrán), and others — as they recover from the ordeals of season 5 “Volume 1”.

Notably, ‘Money Heist’ is a story that revolves around a mysterious man who hires a group of eight people, who use code names of cities, to enter the Royal Mint of Spain and step out with €984 million. The series follows their story and how they handle the police and hostages after which they move on to the next one.

The drama series was created as ‘La Casa de Papel’ by Alex Pina and was initially aired in 2017 on the Spanish channel Antena 3. The show had started well but soon saw a loss in viewers and eventually the revenues.

During the loss in revenue and viewership, Netflix came into the picture and bought ‘La Casa de Papel’. The series was then recut into 22 episodes of 50 minutes and was renamed, keeping in mind the majority of English-speaking viewers, to ‘Money Heist’. The first part of the series was released on December 20, 2017.

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