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Exam cancellation: Kishan Reddy criticizes government

Exam cancellation: Kishan Reddy criticizes government

Union Minister and BJP State president G Kishan Reddy has criticized the BRS government for the cancellation of the Group-1 exam. He stated that the inefficient public administration of the KCR government and their failure to make the right decisions are to blame for the cancellation. Reddy expressed his disappointment that the Group-I preliminary exams have been canceled for the second time in a row, causing frustration among the 4 lakh unemployed youth who had applied for the exams. He also mentioned that the state government’s failure in recruitment has become a curse for the youth.

Reddy pointed out that the recruitment notification clearly stated the requirement of taking biometrics of applicants to prevent irregularities, but the authorities failed to do so. The cancellation of the exam is evidence of the BRS government’s lack of commitment to providing legitimate jobs to the youth. He further alleged that the absence of photographs on the hall tickets and the removal of biometric screening resulted in irregularities during the examination.

Reddy highlighted that some aspirants brought the government’s negligence in conducting the Group-I exams to the attention of the High Court. He mentioned that the court had no choice but to cancel the exams due to these issues.



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