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Fatal Conflict During Movie Screening in Jagtial Claims of Balagam Time of life between childhood and maturity

Fatal Clash During Movie Screening in Jagtial Claims Life of Balagam Youth

A tragic event occurred in Rajaram of Mallial mandal on Sunday nighttime, resulting in the decease of a youthful human being named Gurram Praveen. The event took grade during a not private screening of the Telugu movie ‘Balagam’, where a indefinite but relatively small number youngsters who were allegedly under the power to affect persons or events of alcoholic beverage got into an debate with each not the same. The debate quickly escalated, and the two groups began attacking each not the same with ferrous metal rods.

Unfortunately, Gurram Praveen and Venkatesh sustained severe injuries from their rivals’ rape. Gurram Praveen passed away on the smear, while Venkatesh was taken to Jagtial infirmary for discussion. The villagers identified Shivaratri Naresh and Bhagyaraj as members of the rival group.

The Mallial police have got registered a display case and begun the probe. Gurram Praveen’s physical structure has been sent to Jagtial government infirmary for postmortem. It is a tragic event that has belonging to the political or intellectual left the residential area in bereavement.

It is basic and fundamental to commemorate that violence is never the reply, and disagreements should be resolved peacefully. It is crucial to situations that can escalate into violence and to look for helper from authorities if . Such incidents assist as a reminder that we must oeuvre towards creating a safer and more society for everyone.



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