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‘Fruitful’ Haritha Haram: Hyderabad’s Innovative Idea for a Greener Future

'Fruitful' Haritha Haram: Hyderabad's Innovative Idea for a Greener Future

The Telangana government has a plan to plant lots of fruit trees like Custard Apple, Tamarind, and Jamun as part of the Harita Haram project. They want to create special orchards on the banks of canals like Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project and big reservoirs such as Mallanna Sagar, Kondapochamma Sagar, and more. The government thinks that after planting the trees in a scientific way, the local communities can help protect the plants until they grow and start making fruit.

The officials have already figured out which areas they can plant in and how much space they have. They want to do linear plantation in 5,408.53-km area and 3,875 acres under block plantation. This year, they will focus on planting fruit orchards, but they will also plant Neem, Tangedu, Dirishena, Bamboo, and Peltophorum in some areas.

Planting fruit trees is important because it will help improve the environment and give local people jobs selling the fruit. Custard apple and Jamun are especially popular and expensive in the market. The government has also picked teams to watch over the orchards to make sure they are well taken care of. They will put fences around the orchards to keep cattle away, and they will use fertilizers, weed, and water the plants to help them grow.



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