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Gadwal’s DK Aruna calls for 5,000 homes to be provided for the underprivileged.

Gadwal's DK Aruna calls for 5,000 homes to be provided for the underprivileged.

The national vice president of the Bharatiya Janta Party, DK Aruna, held a press conference in Gadwal on Saturday. She demanded that the Telangana State government construct 5,000 houses for the poor and distribute them to eligible beneficiaries in the district. Aruna also criticized the government for failing to deliver on their promise of constructing 5,000 double bedroom houses for the poor in the past nine years.

According to Aruna, there are at least 4,000 people in the district who are homeless and do not have shelter. She accused the government of only providing the 500 double bedroom houses they claimed to have built to people who already have homes. Aruna also alleged that land pattas given to poor homeless people by the previous government were taken back by the present government in the name of providing double bedroom houses, but the people still have not received houses.

Aruna criticized the lack of development in Gadwal district over the past nine years, stating that it has not seen any progress. She claimed that the little development that has occurred in villages has only happened with central government funds, and that the state government has done nothing for the district’s development.

Aruna demanded a white paper from the state government detailing how much money has been spent on double bedrooms in Gadwal, how many have been completed, and how many have been distributed to eligible poor people. She also stated that the BRS government and its leaders have no right to ask for votes unless they fulfill their promise of providing 5,000 houses to homeless people in the district.

In conclusion, Aruna accused the BRS leaders of only remembering welfare schemes like Rythu Bhandu, Sheep distribution, and Dalita Bhandu when elections are near. Once elections are over, she claimed they ignore the people.



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