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“How can outsourced employees write TSPSC exams? High Court questions government in light of paper leak case”


The Telangana High Court heard a writ petition filed by Balmoori Venkat Narsing Rao, TS NSUI president, and two others requesting the transfer of the investigation into the TSPSC paper leak case to either the CBI or a sitting judge. Advocate-General Banda Shivananda Prasad submitted a status report on the SIT probe into the case in a sealed cover to the court. Vivek Thanka, senior counsel for the petitioner, urged the court to direct the state to provide a copy of the status report to Rao. However, Prasad objected, stating that the investigation could not be shared with a third party while it was ongoing. Justice Reddy did not issue any order in this regard. Vivek Thanka argued that the case was fit for transfer to the CBI due to international ramifications and the involvement of havala, and that the interests of around 30 lakh students were at stake. The A-G submitted that the court could not consider this as it was based on assumptions only. Justice Reddy directed Prasad to prepare a list of details on outsourced persons in TSPSC who were issued hall-tickets and cleared the exam and how many got more than 100 marks. The hearing was adjourned until April 24 due to a full court reference at 3.30 pm.

In another case, the high court heard a petition filed by Bhaskar Reddy, MP Avinash Reddy’s father, in the YS Vivekananda Reddy murder case. The petitioner’s lawyer argued that the CBI was not considering eyewitness testimony and was relying on hearsay statements. The court adjourned proceedings until April 13.



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