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    Bandi Sanjay reveals what the government is showing as fear now.


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    Bandi Sanjay, the president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Telangana, recently made a controversial statement about the Indian government's tactics of spreading fear. In a speech, Sanjay claimed that the government was using fear as a tool to control the masses and suppress dissent.

    Sanjay's statement has sparked a lot of debate and controversy in India. Some people have criticized him for making such a bold statement, while others have supported him for speaking out against the government's tactics.

    So, what exactly is Bandi Sanjay talking about? What is the government showing as fear now?

    According to Sanjay, the government is using various tactics to instill fear in the minds of people. One of the most prominent tactics is the use of surveillance and monitoring. The government is using advanced technology to monitor people's activities and track their movements. This surveillance has become more intrusive and widespread in recent years, with the government using drones, CCTV cameras, and other forms of technology to keep an eye on people.

    Sanjay also claims that the government is using the media to spread fear. The government controls a significant portion of the media in India, and it uses this control to shape public opinion and create a sense of fear among the people. The media is used to spread propaganda and misinformation, which can be used to create panic and anxiety among the masses.

    Another tactic that the government is using, according to Sanjay, is the use of force and violence. The government has been cracking down on dissent and protests, using brute force to suppress any opposition. This has created an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, with many people afraid to speak out against the government.

    Sanjay's statement has highlighted a growing concern in India about the government's tactics of spreading fear. Many people feel that the government is becoming more authoritarian and repressive, with little regard for civil liberties or democratic values.

    In conclusion, Bandi Sanjay's statement about the government's use of fear is an important reminder of the need to protect civil liberties and democratic values in India. The government must be held accountable for its actions, and people must be free to express their opinions and dissent without fear of retribution. Only then can India truly be a democratic and free society.

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