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    “Discover the Rich Heritage of Hyderabad by Visiting its Repositories”


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    Museums are important because they preserve objects that give us insight into the history of human civilizations. In India, museums are set up to preserve and promote the country’s diverse heritage, including information about ancient traditions, culture, wars, history, famous leaders, and artisans. Museums are also a great way to explore the creative and innovative objects made and used by ancient people, as well as see ancient species of plants and animals that lived on Earth before extinction.

    Museums are commonly referred to as storehouses of history. They are a source of information for future generations and one of the main tourist attractions where people can travel back in time. Visiting museums can broaden people’s horizons by introducing them to new people and teaching them about their ancestors’ lives. Children can also learn about distinct creative works made by the ancient people.

    According to Ramya, a History professor, museums are the storehouses of information in tangible form. They cater to subjects spanning from History, Archaeology, Art, Technology, Birds, Philosophy etc. They are mostly relevant for history and archaeology because the evidence from the past is public property and should be preserved for the future and made available to the present. These days many museums also have initiated virtual exhibition that provide a virtual tour to the galleries. However, a real visit will be more rewarding in learning and understanding the objects of display and their relevance in detail than the virtual ones.

    According to Arjun, another History Professor, cultural evolution has withstood changes in material culture, resources, practices, language, and technologies and testified itself as a corpus of knowledge restored in museums. Everyone can benefit from understanding their human ancestry through museums. In museums, learning is imminently unlearned through observation and touch, engulfing the emotions and life ways of bygone memories. It is a classroom of humanity in an absolute sense.

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