Hyderabad: Software employees are ready to work from offices if their workplaces re-open. Most of them feel that the office atmosphere will be better as against their homes. According some, working from home for a long is not possible, completing projects on time is difficult during WFH.

The employees working from home are complaining that it is difficult to manage job and home simultaneously. Those with kids are feeling embarrassed sometimes during the online meetings. The Health department has requested the IT industry to reopen companies fearlessly as Covid cases in Telangana are under control. There is no chance of the third wave in next six months, at least.

The department officials have submitted a recommendation to the IT ministry suggesting re-opening of the IT corridor. The companies have not responded yet; it seems they are not in a mood to re-open this year.

Syed Ehteshamuddin, a software employee of Tolichowki, said: “I am fed up working from home for 18 months. As a manager, it is very difficult to explain to the developers, due to which we are unable to hand over the projects on time. In-office we can sit together and discuss steps to work on a project and how to manage things. In WFH it is difficult to have discussions; this is affecting the output.”

The WFH concept gives enables smaller companies sustain without office work. It will helpful them as they can save expenses. Such companies may continue WFH permanently, as the employees are happy with it.

A few employees who are enjoying WFH say it is better to continue with it, as office expenditures will come down. Asif Shaik, a employee, said there is no need to pay rent, travel expenses and also food, as WFH can save money. Director Public Health Dr Srinivasa Rao said: “IT employees and their family members have been 100 per cent vaccinated. The companies now can call their employees to the campuses, with Covid appropriate behaviour.”

He added that schools in Telangana have reopened and continuing with good strength. Apart from a few, no teacher or student were tested positive; as most teachers have been vaccinated. Following the same, the IT industry can also call their employees to offices.

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