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    Kishan Reddy accuses BRS leaders of using Dharani for their own benefit instead of the people


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    Union Minister Kishan Reddy has accused the government of Andhra Pradesh of creating the Dharani portal for their own benefit, rather than for the people. He claims that since the portal was introduced, many land disputes have arisen, and farmers are struggling to receive justice. The Minister believes that brokers are benefiting from Dharani, rather than the people it was intended to help.

    Reddy also alleges that the number of land disputes has increased significantly since Dharani was introduced, with almost 10 lakh applications pending with the authorities. He criticizes the fact that there is no way to correct mistakes in the Pass Books, and claims that legal land is being recorded as prohibitory land overnight, causing problems for residents.

    The Minister also suggests that the government is engaging in land encroachment, with BRS leaders using Dharani as a guise for committing land raids. He believes that middlemen and ruling party leaders are encroaching upon people’s lands in the name of Dharani.

    Reddy questions why a cabinet sub-committee was set up if there were no meetings in Dharani. He asks whether the committee has given a report on the situation. Overall, the Minister believes that Dharani is not serving its intended purpose, and is causing more harm than good.

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