Hyderabad – With the increasing population & traffic, citizens are moving towards the outskirts of the city intending to move out to a bigger and larger home has led to an increase in land rates in areas like Kismatpur which is the last stop in the city just before Appa Junction.

Due to the commencement of work at Budvel IT Park, the surrounding areas like Kismatpur, Himayat Sagar, Rajender Nagar, etc have witnessed an increase in demands for plots. “Last year the land rates were around 30-35 thousand per square yard but in the last 6 months there is no plot in Kismatpur below 50 thousand per square yard.” – A local realtor told Telangana Tribune.

Hyderabad real estate is currently on the boom and areas like Appa Junction, Kismatpur, Aziz Nagar and Himayat Nagar (Moinabad) are the top real estate destination currently in the market with land rates touching around 10 – 12 crores per acre.

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