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    KTR Responds to Amit Shah’s Question on Celebrating Independence Day Instead of Liberation Day


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    Recently, the Union Home Minister Amit Shah questioned the Telangana government’s decision to celebrate Independence Day instead of Liberation Day on September 17th. In response, the Chief Minister of Telangana, K Chandrashekar Rao, popularly known as KTR, defended the state’s decision and explained the significance of both days.

    Liberation Day, also known as Hyderabad’s Merger Day, marks the day when Hyderabad state merged with the Indian Union in 1948. This event was significant as it brought an end to the rule of the Nizams and their feudal system. It also marked the integration of all princely states into a united India.

    On the other hand, Independence Day is celebrated on August 15th every year to mark India’s independence from British rule in 1947. This day is significant as it marks the end of a long struggle for freedom and the beginning of a new era of democracy and self-rule.

    In response to Amit Shah’s question, KTR stated that both days hold equal importance in Telangana’s history. He further explained that the state government celebrates both days but gives more prominence to Independence Day as it is a national holiday and celebrated across the country.

    KTR also highlighted that Telangana has a unique history and struggle for statehood. The state was formed in 2014 after a long struggle by its people for a separate state. Hence, the state government gives equal importance to Telangana Formation Day, which is celebrated on June 2nd every year.

    The Chief Minister further added that Telangana’s history is not limited to just one day or event. The state has a rich cultural heritage and a long history of struggle for self-rule. Therefore, the state government celebrates various events throughout the year to commemorate Telangana’s history and its people’s contributions to the nation.

    In conclusion, KTR’s response to Amit Shah’s question reflects the state’s unique history and struggle for statehood. The Telangana government’s decision to celebrate both Independence Day and Liberation Day while giving more prominence to the former is a reflection of the state’s commitment to national unity and its people’s aspirations for self-rule.

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