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    Malaria cases in Telangana decrease


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    Telangana State has seen a decrease in malaria cases due to government initiatives like cleanliness and sanitation programs. The latest data shows a steep decline in malaria cases up to December 2022. In April 2022, Telangana was moved from Category 2 to Category 1 in the National Framework for Malaria Elimination, indicating its transformation from pre-eradication to eradication level.

    The National Centre for Vector Borne Diseases Centre Control reports that districts like Suryapet, Nagarkurnool, and Adilabad are showing a decrease in surveillance at the national level. Various indicators like blood slides examined, total positive malaria cases, total positive rate, and plasmodium falciparum cases were analyzed in the report. There is an increase in blood slide examination and a decrease of total positive malaria cases.

    Dr Navodaya Gilla, General Physician, said that there is significant improvement in surveillance for malaria positive cases in Telangana compared to the last two decades. Awareness among citizens over malaria disease and its complications also exists, especially in urban areas. The disease was prevalent in areas like Khammam, but there has been a reduction in malaria cases.

    Most hospitals are collecting blood samples and investigating, and primary healthcare centres have diagnostic testing kits and microscopic lab examination kits for early detection of the disease. Malaria elimination categories include Category 1, with an elimination of malaria districts with an API of fewer than 1 case per 1000 people at risk, and Category 2, with regions in the process of eliminating malaria.

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