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    TSRTC Introduces New Monthly Bus Pass Policy with Kilometer-based Travel and Toll Fee Inclusion


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    The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) has recently introduced a new monthly bus pass policy that is based on kilometers traveled and includes toll fees. This new policy is aimed at providing a more cost-effective and convenient travel option for commuters in Telangana.

    Under the new policy, commuters can choose from three different categories of monthly bus passes based on their travel needs. The first category is for commuters traveling up to 80 kilometers per day, the second category is for those traveling between 80 and 120 kilometers per day, and the third category is for those traveling more than 120 kilometers per day.

    The monthly bus passes are priced at Rs. 2,500, Rs. 3,500, and Rs. 4,500 respectively. These passes are valid for a month from the date of purchase and can be used on any TSRTC bus route within the designated kilometer limit.

    One of the major benefits of this new policy is that it includes toll fees in the monthly pass price. This means that commuters no longer have to pay separate toll fees while traveling on TSRTC buses. This is a significant cost-saving measure for regular commuters who use toll roads frequently.

    Moreover, the new policy also offers flexibility to commuters who may need to travel beyond their designated kilometer limit on certain days. In such cases, commuters can purchase additional tickets for the extra distance traveled.

    This new policy has been welcomed by commuters as it offers a more affordable and convenient travel option. It also encourages the use of public transport and reduces the number of private vehicles on the road, which is beneficial for the environment.

    In addition to the new monthly bus pass policy, TSRTC has also introduced other measures to improve its services. These include the introduction of new buses with modern amenities, the installation of GPS systems in all buses to track their location in real-time, and the implementation of a cashless payment system on select routes.

    Overall, the new monthly bus pass policy with kilometer-based travel and toll fee inclusion is a positive step towards providing a more efficient and cost-effective travel option for commuters in Telangana. It is expected to encourage more people to use public transport, reduce traffic congestion, and contribute to a cleaner environment.

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