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Indravelli Martyrs Honored by Tribals in Adilabad

Indravelli Martyrs Honored by Tribals in Adilabad

Tribals in Adilabad district paid tribute to their fellow tribals who were killed by police 42 years ago. The tribals had gathered in Indravelli for a protest to fight for their land rights when police opened fire, killing 13 tribals. According to rights groups, the death toll was 60. Till recently, tribals were not permitted to hold meetings in Indravelli to pay homage to the martyrs. However, on Thursday, tribals from different organizations and political parties gathered to offer floral tributes in a traditional manner. Adilabad MP SoyamBapu Rao, Mulugu MLA Seethakka, and YSR Telangana Party leader Y.S. Sharmila were among the leaders who paid tribute to the martyrs. Seethakka called Indravelli a place of inspiration and said that many lost their lives fighting for their land and freedom. Sharmila said that she paid tribute to the martyrs of Indravelli who sacrificed their lives fighting for land rights and against exploitation.



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