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    35 Cities to Host Congress-Organized Press Conferences Highlighting Modi Government’s “Failures”


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    The Congress party is going to hold press conferences in 35 cities to highlight what they see as the failures of the Narendra Modi government over the past nine years. There will be 29 conferences on May 22, followed by three on May 28 and two on May 29. The conferences are called “Nau Saal, Nau Sawaal” (nine years, nine questions). The Congress party is questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi on nine different topics, from national security to social peace to growing prices and unemployment, and demanding an apology for what they call a betrayal of the people.

    The Congress party has published a brochure titled “Nau saal, Nau sawaal” and asked the government to declare this day “Maafi Diwas.” The party plans to ask Modi nine questions because he became prime minister on this day nine years ago, according to the statement.

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