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    Parents honor son’s memory by placing QR code on his tomb


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    In Thrissur, Kerala, a QR code has been placed on the tombstone of a young doctor named Ivin Francis, who tragically passed away at the age of 26. The QR code, which is located at St Joseph Church in Kuriyachira, allows people to access videos of Ivin’s performances by scanning the code. His family has designed a web page containing all of Ivin’s works and linked it to the QR code. Ivin was not only a talented doctor but also a musician and athlete who found time to indulge in his passions while pursuing his medical degree.

    Ivin’s parents wanted to provide people with a glimpse into their son’s world and decided to place the QR code on his tomb. They hoped that his life could serve as motivation for others. Ivin had even created profiles of people using QR codes, and his parents were inspired to do the same for him. Ivin’s sister, Evelyn Francis, came up with the idea of linking the QR code to his profile, which would allow people to know what kind of person he was and what he could do. She created the site and QR code in just 10 days.

    By scanning the QR code, people can see Ivin’s photographs, his programs at college, his friend’s circle, among other details about him. They can also watch his keyboard and guitar performances. Ivin’s father hopes that this will allow people to learn more about his son and remember him for who he was. He believes that when the tomb is placed in a cemetery, people will be able to scan the QR code and know what sort of person Ivin was.

    Overall, the QR code on Ivin’s tombstone serves as a unique way for people to remember and honor him. It allows them to relive and reminisce on his creative work and serves as a reminder that his life was one worth celebrating.

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