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Participants groomed by ‘Vaktha’ in Hyderabad

Participants groomed by 'Vaktha' in Hyderabad

A training program called ‘Vaktha’ was held in Hyderabad on May 13 and 14. The program, organized by HMTV and Kaushalya School of Life Skills, aimed to help people become better public speakers. Participants felt that the program was well-organized and easy to understand, with helpful tips and techniques provided by speaker D Bal Reddy. Reddy emphasized that public speaking is a skill that can only be honed with practice. He also talked about how a good speaker can control the mood of the audience.

Participants said they felt transformed after attending the program, with some reporting a change in attitude and body language. They believed that becoming a better communicator had the potential to positively impact society. Reddy presented certificates and a book to participants, which he said contained useful content.

Those who attended the program reported feeling more confident and less fearful of speaking in public. Many expressed gratitude to the organizers for providing them with new skills. The next Vaktha training program will be held on June 10-11, and those interested can contact 97048-30484 for more information.



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