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Pradyot Singh Rathore, Shahrukh Pathan new hope to cricket in western Rajasthan

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May 4, 2021

Coaches, mentors, teachers are the ones that take up the charge of the progress and development of people until they have become successful humans. Once given a platform, opportunity, resources, support and proper training students can shine and prove their credibility to everyone who never believed them. The blooming Spartan Academy of Rajasthan has proved this.

Pradyot Singh and Shahrukh Pathan are such heroes who gave up their job to build this academy for kids who always dreamt big but had fewer resources in life. Jodhpur is a place in western Rajasthan that is not very equipped with facilities and opportunities especially for people who want to pursue sports. Pradyot Singh had to leave his job at the bank and ShahrukhPathan who had just received his offer letter decided to quit his job and build a cricket academy for kids who wanted to play. They had the motive to pass on everything they learned while playing cricket themselves, to kids who needed it.

A friend of them planted the idea of opening a Cricket Academy in their brains. Pradyot and Shahrukh’s plan was not supported by their families. After searching for almost a month they finally found land to build the academy on. They aimed for a small academy but an effective one. But this was not the end, they had to build the academy brick by brick. They had no funds or finances to support their dream but they had willpower. 

Along with few other folks who had the same vision, they started to build the pitch for their academy.  Ravi Bishnoi was one of the folks who laid the building blocks of this foundation. With just 10-15K Rs in the pocket, they were out to achieve a dream of establishing a foundation that would provide a platform to every young player who dares to dream. Pradyot mentions in his interview that the time was tough, they were so into building this cricket academy that they could not even afford to go back to their house for having a proper 3-time meal. Roadside Snacks and their willpower only served as energy boosters for them in this tough time.

As we all know, tough time always has an end. The academy that started with 6 students is currently mentoring more than 300 students who have a passion to play for India.

When the students started performing well Pradyot and Shahrukh took them on an international tour to South Africa at their expense. They believed money will never be a reason for talent to stop. And many players proved their point. Players are still trying, practicing, and performing exceptionally well in home cricket tournaments. ShubhamGadewal is one such player from Spartans Academy who secured a contract with a big cricket club in South Africa.

He became the first player from western Rajasthan to bag such a big opportunity. SahilBhaskar became the most wicket-taking bowler from the Rajasthan Under-16 team. He was awarded Mathura Das Mathur Award, which is the highest honor given to a sportsperson in Rajasthan. He has been selected by BCCI for National Cricket Academy. Certain other players like Shoaib Khan, Deepali Yadav, Shiv Choudhary, and SurenderBishnoi have even made their way into the Under-19 team of Rajasthan Cricket.

They once dreamt to connect western Rajasthan with the cricket world. And their dream did come true in the form of Ravi Bishnoi was selected for the India Under-19 team and Rajasthan Royals in IPL where he made an impression on the team management. He performed exceptionally well in the Under-19 World Cup. Ravi Bishnoi chose cricket over his board exam and that did pay him off. In the year 2020, Ravi Bishnoi was selected by the Punjab team for a 2-crore paycheck. He has made his presence noticed in the IPL and now he aims to represent India and get on the national team. He recently was invited as a guest at the Indian comedy show, “The Kapil Sharma” where he gave credit to his coaches Pradyot Singh and ShahrukhPathan for whatever he is today. He even mentions how both of them believed in him and furnished his skills from the very beginning.

So, you should dare to dream and respect your mentors. Because if you hustle daily, you will surely achieve your goal one day. This trio from Spartan Academy is a perfect example of it.

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