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Sandpaper-Gate scandal: Australian cricketer makes SHOCKING revelations

ByTelangana Tribune

May 16, 2021

It was in 2018, in Cape Town when the ‘gentleman’s game’ was breached by some players of the Australian side. In the Test game against South Africa, three players – Steve Smith, David Warner, and Cameron Bancroft – had tried to tamper with the ball using sandpaper.

The trio surely faced consequences as both Smith and Warner were being suspended for a year. Smith also lost his captaincy to Tim Paine. As for Bancroft, who was spotted using the sandpaper hidden in his trousers, served a nine-month ban. However, this move just derailed his international career up to a certain extent. 

However, now three years later, Bancroft in an interview to The Guardian hinted that the Australian bowlers were aware of the plot. 

“I think, yeah, I think it’s pretty probably self-explanatory,” a hesitant Bancroft answered after being asked if the bowlers were aware of it. 

“Yeah, look, all I wanted to do was to be responsible and accountable for my own actions and part. Yeah, obviously what I did benefits bowlers, and the awareness around that, probably, is self-explanatory,” he added. 

However, Bancroft also admitted that he had been even a little aware of the consequences, he would have made better decisions.

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