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    Sangareddy Chemical Factory Faces Backlash from Angry Villagers


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    Residents and farmers in Vadepalli village, Sangareddy district, are opposing the construction of a chemical factory by Surabhi laboratories. They fear that the factory will pollute water and air, hurting their livelihoods and health. The villagers say they have no objection to development but are concerned about pollution. They did not oppose a previous RO plant built by Surabhi laboratories. The villagers claim that there has been no gram sabha held before construction began on the factory, and that the company owners have political backing. They fear that the factory will contaminate several lakes, which are essential for drinking water and agriculture.

    The farmers in Vadepalli village grow crops such as paddy, jowar, maize, and ragi on nearly 5,000 acres of land. They worry that toxic waste from the factory will make their land unfit for agriculture. Contaminated water will overflow into wells and lakes, damaging crops and making it unsafe for consumption. The smell of chemicals from the factory could potentially harm crops and animals, leading to the death of residents who consume toxic water. The villagers fear that once the factory is established, they will lose their livelihoods and people will stop buying their crops.

    The villagers have protested on the highway against the construction of the chemical factory, and local MLA has supported their cause. However, their efforts to seek the intervention of local authorities have not been successful. The Mandal Revenue Officer (MRO) is aware of the protests, but she said that there is nothing she can do. The villagers fear that the construction of the factory will lead to their ruin and hope that their plight will be heard by authorities who can help them.

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