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    Telangana government responds to BJP’s ‘Secretariat or Masjid’ remark after Twitter users express their views.


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    The Telangana State government has said that the domes on the new Secretariat building have been modelled after various temples, including the Hanuman temple in Gujarat’s Sarangapur. This is in response to allegations by the opposition BJP that the building reflects the culture of the previous Nizam rulers. The domes have been designed after the Neelakanteswara Swamy Temple of the Kakatiya period in Nizamabad, Gopurams and designs of the Rajaprasads of the Wanaparthy Samsthanam, and the pattern of the Hanuman temple in Sarangapur, Gujarat.

    The new Secretariat building was opened on Sunday and is a special attraction with its 34 domes of four different types. The building also features figures of lions, the national symbol, on two big domes. The main domes are located on the east and west sides of the building and are 82-feet high and 52-feet in diameter. They are decorated in the style of a sky lounge and are used for important meetings by the chief minister.

    The Telangana BJP chief had made controversial statements about the building, alleging that it reflected the culture of the previous Nizam rulers and resembled a tomb. He had threatened to demolish the domes if his party came to power.

    However, officials have clarified that the domes have been designed after various temple styles and do not reflect any particular culture. They have also noted that this is the first time such huge domes have been built in modern structures mainly in government buildings.

    The new Secretariat building is a significant addition to Telangana’s architecture and showcases the state’s unique blend of temple-inspired designs.

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