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    Tragic Incident in Telangana: A Woman Commits Maternal Filicide by Drowning 6-Year-Old Son in Nizamabad Canal


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    On the 18th of September, 2021, a tragic incident occurred in Telangana that shook the entire country. A woman committed maternal filicide by drowning her 6-year-old son in the Nizamabad canal. The incident took place in the Kamareddy district of Telangana, and it has left everyone in shock and disbelief.

    According to reports, the woman, identified as Renuka, was suffering from depression and had been undergoing treatment for the same. She had been married to her husband, Satyanarayana, for six years and had a son named Sai Teja. Renuka’s family members claim that she had been facing a lot of financial and personal problems, which had led to her depression.

    On the day of the incident, Renuka took her son to the canal and drowned him. She then tried to commit suicide by jumping into the canal but was rescued by the locals who heard her cries for help. The locals immediately informed the police, who rushed to the spot and retrieved the body of the child from the canal.

    The incident has left everyone in shock and has raised questions about mental health and its impact on individuals. Maternal filicide is a rare but serious crime that occurs when a mother kills her own child. It is often linked to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and postpartum psychosis.

    In recent years, there has been an increase in cases of maternal filicide in India. According to a study conducted by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in 2019, there were 287 cases of maternal filicide reported in the country. The study also revealed that mental illness was a significant factor in many of these cases.

    The incident in Telangana highlights the need for better mental health support and awareness in the country. It is crucial to identify and address mental health issues early on to prevent such tragic incidents from occurring. The stigma surrounding mental health needs to be broken, and people should be encouraged to seek help when they need it.

    In conclusion, the tragic incident in Telangana is a wake-up call for the country to prioritize mental health and its impact on individuals. It is essential to provide better mental health support and awareness to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. We must work together as a society to break the stigma surrounding mental health and create a safe and supportive environment for everyone.

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