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Top 5 Telangana News Updates of the Day

Top 5 Telangana News Updates of the Day

The police in Shadnagar are worried about people who don’t tell their neighbors or lock their homes when they go on vacation, especially with the recent increase in burglaries.

Many children of migrant workers in Mahabubanagar are missing out on healthcare and education while their parents work at places like brick kilns and construction sites. The district administration is not doing enough to help these vulnerable children.

Energy Minister Jagadish Reddy attended a community event in Suryapet and praised CM KCR’s efforts to reduce economic inequality through the Dalit Bandhu scheme.

Automobile mechanics in Khammam now have an association that is working towards their welfare and helping them with their needs.

Anumandla Shobharani, a social activist, has been working for the development and prosperity of disabled women and children in Karimnagar, inspiring other women to do the same.



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