Home Telangana Vande Bharat’s arrival at Shadnagar railway station celebrated by BJP

Vande Bharat’s arrival at Shadnagar railway station celebrated by BJP

Vande Bharat's arrival at Shadnagar railway station celebrated by BJP

The Vande Bharat Train’s arrival at Shadnagar railway station was celebrated with enthusiasm. BJP Rangareddy District President Bokka Narasimha Reddy praised the train as a groundbreaking achievement in railway history. The event was attended by esteemed dignitaries, including K Chandrasekhar from the Railway Board Advisory Council, the local Municipal Chairman K Narender, and prominent BJP leaders.

Bokka Narasimha Reddy commended the Central government for introducing these super-fast trains, which have revolutionized travel across the country. Dr K Chandrasekhar highlighted his efforts in developing the Shadnagar railway station and announced that lift facilities will be installed soon. Municipal Chairman Narender emphasized the train’s significant importance and urged officials and public representatives to collaborate for its smooth operation.

Nelli Srivardhan Reddy praised Modi for enhancing rail services and predicted a prosperous future for Shadnagar. Youth leader AP Mithun Reddy hailed the launch of Vande Bharat Express Trains, which connect regions in Telangana, Karnataka, Bihar, and West Bengal. These trains will enhance the travel experience during the festive season.

Officials also highlighted that the Vande Bharat Trains will offer connectivity to holy places like Puri, Madurai, and Tirupati, saving valuable time for passengers. The launch of nine additional trains as part of PM’s vision for world-class facilities was celebrated as a historic milestone in Indian railways’ journey.



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