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Vemula contends Governor lacks authority to hold office

Vemula contends Governor lacks authority to hold office

Allegations have been made against Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan, claiming that she has been involved in conspiracies and has turned the Raj Bhavan into a ‘political adda’. Vemula Prashanth Reddy, the Legislative Affairs Minister, expressed his disapproval of the rejection of MLCs recommended by the State Cabinet under the Governor’s quota. Reddy accused Soundararajan of creating conspiracies by using the Raj Bhavan for political purposes and insulting leaders from marginalized communities by rejecting candidates from BC and ST backgrounds.

Reddy questioned Soundararajan’s moral ethics and demanded her immediate resignation from the post. He also reminded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had advocated for the implementation of the Sarkaria Commission, which suggests appointing Governors without any political affiliation. Reddy criticized the BJP for not following the recommendations of the Sarkaria Commission.

In response to the rejection, BRS leader Dasoju Sravan Kumar emphasized that social work and politics serve distinct roles and purposes, but they can intersect when addressing complex social problems and striving for societal improvements. He explained that social workers may engage in advocacy and lobbying to influence policy changes, while politicians work to address social issues through legislation.



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