Home World White House Journalists’ Dinner to Roast Joe Biden

White House Journalists’ Dinner to Roast Joe Biden

White House Journalists' Dinner to Roast Joe Biden

The White House Correspondents Association dinner is happening on Saturday, where President Joe Biden will be laughed at and will also get to make his own jokes. The dinner usually takes place in the Hilton Hotel, where Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981. Last year’s dinner was canceled because of Covid-19, but this year’s event is “completely sold out,” according to Correspondents Association President Tamara Keith. Vice President Kamala Harris will also be attending, marking the first time both the president and vice president have been present since 2016.

The dinner is meant to celebrate free speech and a free press, but the jokes tend to get more attention. Comedian Roy Wood Jr. will perform this year and is likely to joke about Biden, journalists, and members of Congress. Biden will also have the opportunity to show he can take the heat and make some jokes himself.



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