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    New Law in Hungary Enables Citizens to Report Same-Sex Families to Authorities


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    Lawmakers in Hungary recently passed a bill that lets citizens anonymously report same-sex couples who are raising children. The bill allows people to report those who question the traditional roles of marriage and family, as well as those who challenge children’s right to identify with their sex at birth. Hungary’s constitution defines marriage as between one man and one woman and states that the mother is a woman and the father is a man.

    This new bill is part of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s efforts to limit the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community in his country. He has already prevented same-sex couples from adopting children, leading the European Union to cut funding for Hungary. In June 2021, Orban and the National Assembly passed a law forbidding the promotion of LGBTQIA+-related material to people under 18 years old, including TV shows and films with gay characters, educational programs, and visual material like rainbow flags.

    Many people see these laws as anti-LGBTQIA+ and dehumanizing. The European Commission has even filed a lawsuit against Hungary for the 2021 law, with a majority of EU members joining in support. Orban and his party plan to defend “traditional values” and resist the lawsuit to avoid breaking Hungarian society.

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