Home Hyderabad 100 Hyderabad residents hospitalized due to contaminated water

100 Hyderabad residents hospitalized due to contaminated water

100 Hyderabad residents hospitalized due to contaminated water

Around 150 people in Hyderabad have been hospitalized after consuming contaminated water. Residents in Chintabavi Basti, Chilkalguda, Mettuguda, and surrounding areas have been receiving dark and foul-smelling water since earlier this week. Many of those affected are suffering from vomiting, diarrhea, and uneasiness. One resident has bought bottled water to avoid further health issues. Most of those affected have been admitted to government hospitals, while a few are on bed rest.

Residents suspect that sewage water is seeping into the drinking water pipeline and polluting the water. After officials from the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewage Board (HMWS&SB) visited the affected areas, they stopped the supply of water and sent water tankers to the area. The HMWSSB General manager Sarita said that they are investigating how the water was contaminated and will inspect the water in each house in the area. As of now, water is being supplied through water tanks to Chintabavi Colony.

Some residents are frustrated with the lack of action from the water board. Activist Mohammed Ahmed said that cases of people falling sick after consuming contaminated water are increasing in the area, and the water board is not taking any action to provide purified water. One resident tweeted to the HMWS&SB for a quick resolution, but there was no further response.



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