Home Hyderabad “BJP OBC Morcha to Launch Awareness Drive in Hyderabad Starting April 6th”

“BJP OBC Morcha to Launch Awareness Drive in Hyderabad Starting April 6th”


The State BJP OBC Morcha in Hyderabad is set to launch an awareness campaign from April 6 to 14 across Telangana. The aim of the campaign is to educate the BCs about the programmes and welfare schemes initiated by the Centre. Dr Boora Narsaiah Goud, former MP, and Ale Bhaskar Raaj, BJP OBC Morcha State president, addressed a joint media conference and stated that the campaign would reach every doorstep of BCs. They also mentioned that the focus would be on highlighting the suppression that the BC community has been facing under the BRS for the past eight years.

Goud alleged that BCs in Telangana were being oppressed at every step and are the most neglected and suffering class in the state. Since the BRS came to power, BCs have been wilfully denied their due in politics, economics, education, and job opportunities. Even BC media has become targets of the government, he alleged. Social justice is being denied to BCs across the state, and 30 lakh of 40 lakh BRS members are BCs, but they have received nothing in the past eight years. Goud asked the BC BRS members not to be swayed by the ‘AtmeeyaSadassulu’ as the ruling party is interested in wooing them for their votes in an election year. He urged them to question party leaders about what they have done for their uplift.

The former MP stated that there are 1.5 crore BC votes in the state, and the OBC Morcha will reach out to all of them and create awareness among them to support BJP. Goud accused the BRS of targeting Reddy community leaders and their financial sources to weaken them politically and economically. He demanded that the government appoint a sitting judge to probe the TSPSC question paper leak.



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