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Congress Asks Prime Minister Narendra Modi: “Where Are Two Crore Jobs?” in Khammam

Congress Asks Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

The Congress party’s city convener in Khammam, Mohammed Javeed, spoke to the media on Saturday about the issue of unemployment. He questioned the BJP and BRS governments, asking where the jobs were and where their promises to fill jobs in the government were. Javeed called upon party leaders and workers to participate in a program on the 24th led by the Congress party in the city. State party chief A Revanth Reddy and other state party leaders will also participate in the program.

Javeed said that only under the Congress regime were youth getting jobs and were happy. However, there had been no jobs under the BJP and BRS regimes. He recalled the promises made by the parties during the elections and asked why they had not fulfilled them. Javeed said both governments cheated the people and failed to implement their promises.

The Congress leader criticized Chief Minister KCR and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not being interested in people’s welfare. He said that Rahul Gandhi’s Haath-Se-Haath Jodo Yatra had been a success, and the BJP was scared and resorted to intimidation tactics and suspending him from the Parliament for frivolous causes.

Javeed said that the Congress would come to power in the state and centre with a huge majority, and he asked people to support the party.



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