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    Hyderabad News Updates: Top 5 Stories of the Day – May 30, 2023

    The hospital in Shadnagar had a power outage for an hour on Monday, and the staff didn't seem to care. This made things worse...

    Top 5 Latest Hyderabad News Updates for May 30, 2023

    The government hospital in Shadnagar is going through a difficult situation as there was a power outage for an hour on Monday afternoon. The...

    Top 5 Hyderabad News Updates of May 29, 2023

    In Hyderabad, almost 20 opposition parties are boycotting the opening ceremony of the New Parliament Building, while 25 other parties, including the BJP, are...

    5 Latest News Updates from Hyderabad Today

    Residents of Ayyappa colony in Nagole are worried about the monsoon season. They're afraid their homes will flood because the GHMC and other organizations...

    Top Five News Updates from Hyderabad Today

    A young painter has become a rising star in the art world thanks to his unique style and hard work. Even Prime Minister Narendra...

    Hyderabad’s Five Latest News Headlines for Today

    The Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) hospital has completed 50 successful kidney transplant surgeries in the past four months under the Arogyasree scheme....

    Top 5 Hyderabad News Updates of the Day

    Hyderabad-based medical devices startups are happy about the National Medical Devices Policy 2023. This policy is important for the Indian healthcare sector. The medical...



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