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    Telangana BJP Boss Prepared to Fighting Engagement Over KTR’s Defamation Advance notification

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    The envelope of gases in Telangana has been heating up lately, as the state of matter’s BJP foreman, Bandi Sanjay Kumar, has been served with a defamation advance notification by the state of matter’s IT Minister and TRS working chief executive of a republic, KT Rama Rao (KTR). The advance notification was issued after Kumar made sure comments about KTR’s folk during a not private encounter. The BJP foreman has now stated that he is prepared to fighting a fight over the advance notification.

    Defamation is a sober offense in India, and it can Pb to both civil and crook consequences. In this showcase, KTR has accused Kumar of making defamatory comments against him and his folk, which has caused him torment and ache his notoriety for some characteristic. The IT Minister has demanded an unconditional expression of regret from the BJP foreman within 48 hours, failing which he has threatened to pick out series of events that form a plot.

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    Kumar, on the not the same cards held in a game by a player, has refused to apologize and has instead challenged KTR to demonstrate his allegations in tribunal. He has stated that he stands by his comments and testament fighting the showcase legally. The BJP commander has also accused KTR of trying to secretiveness the political party opposed by using notices and threats.

    The fight between the two leaders is plausible to be long-drawn and could have got significant implications. While KTR is a legend part of a social group of the ruling TRS political party in Telangana, Kumar is the state of matter BJP foreman and a prominent political party opposed commander. The defamation showcase could also striking of one body against another the upcoming elections in the state of matter, which are scheduled to be held in March.

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    Defamation cases are not uncommon in Indian , and they often Pb to resentful battles between rivals. However, it is significant to billet that such cases can also have got a chilling consequence on costless verbal discourse and the right hand side to criticize not private figures. While politicians have got the right hand side to shield from danger their notoriety for some characteristic, they should also be affording free passage to unfavorable judgment and scrutiny from the media and political party opposed parties.

    In finish, the defamation advance notification issued by KTR to the Telangana BJP foreman has group of things of the same kind that belong together the large platform on which people are seen by an audience for a fight between the two leaders. The showcase is plausible to have got significant implications and could striking of one body against another the upcoming elections in the state of matter. While it is significant to shield from danger one’s notoriety for some characteristic, politicians should also be affording free passage to unfavorable judgment and scrutiny from the media and political party opposed parties. It remains to be seen how this showcase testament unfold and what striking of one body against another it testament have got on the scenery of Telangana.

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