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    CB-CIB gathers information on encroachments and legal cases involving Waqf properties in Hyderabad

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    The Central Board of Waqfs (CB) and the Central Waqf Council (CWC) have been working tirelessly to protect and preserve Waqf properties across India. In Hyderabad, the CB-CIB (Central Waqf Intelligence Bureau) has been gathering information on encroachments and legal cases involving Waqf properties in the city.

    Waqf properties are those that have been donated by Muslims for religious or charitable purposes. These can include mosques, graveyards, schools, hospitals, and other public amenities. Unfortunately, many Waqf properties have been encroached upon or illegally occupied by individuals or organizations, leading to their dilapidation and loss of purpose.

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    The CB-CIB has been tasked with identifying such encroachments and illegal occupations and taking necessary action to reclaim the properties. The bureau has been gathering information through various means, including field visits, surveys, and interactions with local authorities and community members.

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    Once an encroachment or illegal occupation is identified, the CB-CIB takes legal action to reclaim the property. This can involve filing cases in court, issuing notices to the encroachers, and working with local authorities to remove the encroachments.

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    The CB-CIB has also been working to raise awareness among the public about the importance of preserving Waqf properties. They have been conducting workshops and seminars to educate people about the history and significance of these properties and the need to protect them.

    In addition to protecting Waqf properties from encroachment, the CB-CIB has also been working to generate revenue from these properties. Many Waqf properties are underutilized or not utilized at all, leading to a loss of potential income for the Waqf board. The CB-CIB has been identifying such properties and working with local authorities and community members to develop plans for their utilization.

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    Overall, the work being done by the CB-CIB in Hyderabad is crucial for the preservation and protection of Waqf properties. By identifying encroachments, taking legal action, and generating revenue, the bureau is ensuring that these properties continue to serve their intended purpose and benefit the community.

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