Thursday, November 30, 2023



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    Mysterious Circumstances Surround Death of Youth in Hyderabad

    A 17-year-old named Paswan was found dead in suspicious circumstances in Mailardevpally, Hyderabad. Paswan, originally from Bihar, lived with his family in Mailardevpally and...

    Teenage girl sexually assaulted by three individuals under the influence of marijuana

    In a shocking incident, a 16-year-old girl was gang-raped by three people in Hyderabad. The girl had recently come to Meerpet with her brother...

    Murder of Social Activist in Chandrayanagutta, Hyderabad

    In Hyderabad, a social activist was tragically murdered by unknown individuals in Bandlaguda Chandrayangutta on Thursday night. The victim, Shaik Sayeed Bavazir, was at...

    Woman’s burnt body discovered in Hyderabad, reigniting Disha case

    In Hyderabad, there has been another incident similar to the Disha case. A woman was brutally murdered and set on fire in Sai Enclave...

    Widow in Hyderabad pushed in front of tanker after proposing marriage to man

    A young man in Hyderabad killed a widow who wanted to marry him. The incident happened in Bachupalli on Sunday. The widow, Pramila, had...

    Hyderabad Police discovers deceased software engineer from Warangal

    A software engineer named Tripuradi Maniraj from Warangal died in Hyderabad under suspicious circumstances. He had come to Hyderabad with his father on July...

    Young woman, aged 20, feared dead after plunging into Durgam Cheruvu in Hyderabad

    A 20-year-old woman from Gulbarga, Karnataka, reportedly committed suicide by jumping into Durgam Cheruvu in Hyderabad on Thursday evening. The woman, identified as Payal,...



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