Thursday, November 30, 2023



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    IIT-H hosts prestigious Model G20 award ceremony, honoring 7 outstanding winners from across India

    The India Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT-H), hosted an award ceremony to celebrate the achievements of young leaders at the Model G20. The event...

    Amit Shah clarifies BJP’s decision to not align with a party affiliated with Majlis

    Union Home Minister Amit Shah stated that the BJP will not form an alliance with any party associated with Majlis, as it is a...

    Foreign Minister Jaishankar: India-US Relations Reach Optimal Comfort Level

    • 1. India's Foreign Minister, S. Jaishankar, hails the robust India-US relationship, describing it as "very desirable, optimal, and comfortable."
    • 2. He emphasizes the evolving dynamics of this partnership during his visit to the US, where he also addresses the UN General Assembly and holds crucial meetings with top US officials.

    Delhi Braces for Severe Dengue Outbreak Amid G20 Summit Controversy

    • Delhi confronts a formidable dengue outbreak, potentially its most severe since 2015, as over 3,000 infections and one fatality have been reported this year.
    • Astonishingly, the gravity of this crisis remained concealed for seven weeks, with authorities withholding vital dengue data from the public, citing the G20 Summit as the reason.

    PM Modi emphasizes the importance of clean governance for the country’s growth

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during the finale of the G20 University Connect, emphasized the importance of clean and stable governance for India's development. He...

    Amit Shah claims Congress struggles to accept Women’s Reservation Bill

    Union Home Minister Amit Shah attacked Congress over the Women's Reservation Bill.

    Shah condemns the practice of vote bank politics

    Union Home Minister Amit Shah has expressed his disappointment that political parties in Telangana are hesitant to celebrate 'Hyderabad Liberation Day' due to vote...



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