Sunday, July 21, 2024

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    Ministers’ associates robbed of crores by phone-tapping accused

    The team involved in alleged phone tapping seized money from ministers' associates like Uttam Kumar Reddy and Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy. Additional SP Thirupatanna played...

    KTR urges for 12 MP seats in Karimnagar

    KTR, the working president of BRS, questioned whether things were better when KCR was the CM. He urged voters to give the party 10-12...

    Karimnagar hit by strong winds and heavy rains

    Heavy rains and thunderstorms hit the combined Karimnagar district on Tuesday. The downpour affected areas like Manakondur, Huzurabad, Peddapalli, Sultanabad, Manthani, Vemulawada, Mallyala, Jagtial,...

    Bandi: India requires Modi to continue as Prime Minister

    Bandi Sanjay Kumar has been appointed as national general secretary of the BJP to strengthen the party in South India, according to Tamil Nadu...

    Vinod Kumar criticizes Congress for not fulfilling promises

    Karimnagar BRS MP candidate Boinapalli Vinod Kumar believes that the Congress government may not last for five years due to growing opposition from the...

    BRS candidates face dilemma as numerous turncoats seek to switch allegiances within TS

    In Hyderabad, BRS candidates are facing challenges as local leaders are switching to rival parties during the campaign. Many candidates are new and unsure...

    Vinod Kumar states Congress has failed to fulfill promises

    Karimnagar BRS MP candidate Boinapalli Vinod Kumar expressed his doubts about the longevity of the Congress government, stating that people are already opposing the...



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