Wednesday, April 24, 2024



    Tesla to set up their production base of vehicles in India.

    The Indian government invited Tesla CEO Elon Musk to collaborate. In response to government recommendations, the company will soon establish its vendor base in India, along with its electronic...

    Joe Biden’s Fall during U.S Air Force Graduation Ceremony

    U.S. President Joe Biden sustained injuries from his tragic fall in the middle of handing out diplomas to the graduate candidates at the U.S. Air Force Academy of Colorado....

    Voluntary AI Code of Conduct to be Prepared by European Union and United States

    The European Union and the United States are working on a voluntary code of conduct for artificial intelligence. The code is expected to be drafted "within weeks" and will...

    Singapore Woman Sentenced to Prison for Pouring Boiling Water on Husband Who Filed for Divorce

    A woman in Singapore was sentenced to eight months in jail for scalding her husband with hot water after he asked for a divorce. The incident happened in March,...

    Odesa: Russia Claims to Have Destroyed Ukraine’s ‘Final Warship’

    Russia claimed on Wednesday that it had destroyed the last major warship of the Ukrainian naval forces, which it said was stationed in the southern port of Odesa. The...

    ChatGPT Contributes to Denmark PM Mette Frederiksen’s Speech Writing

    Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen used an artificial intelligence tool called ChatGPT to partially write her speech to parliament. Frederiksen stated that it was fascinating and terrifying to see...

    ChatGPT Contributes to Speech Delivered by Denmark PM Mette Frederiksen

    Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen gave a speech to parliament using an artificial intelligence tool called ChatGPT to show the potential of AI. Frederiksen admitted that part of the...

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