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    Prominent politicians to visit Telangana

    Hyderabad: The poll battle is reaching its final phase as the campaign will end in the next seven days. Both the BJP and Congress...

    Adilabad Politician Vows to Quit Politics if Congress Wins 14 Seats

    BJP leader Maheshwar Reddy predicted that his party would win 10 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana and said he would quit politics if the...

    IMD predicts extreme temperatures in Telangana for the next five days

    People in Telugu states are experiencing extremely high temperatures in April. The Meteorological Department has issued a warning that Telangana state will see extreme...

    Officials advise caution as temperatures spike in Telangana

    In Telangana state, there has been a heatwave with temperatures on the rise. Adilabad district saw the highest temperature of the year, reaching 42.3...

    Additional Individuals to Resign from BRS

    Telangana is currently experiencing a situation similar to the old practice of 'Aya Rams Gaya Rams' from the North. With the elections approaching, there...

    Government is utilizing all resources to increase revenue

    The State government in Hyderabad is working to improve revenue generation for implementing schemes during the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This includes plugging loopholes...

    ‘Modi’s Guarantee is a Guarantee Fulfilled’

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Adilabad district and connected with the Adivasi community. He mentioned that until the BJP government recognized the contributions of...



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