Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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    Officials in Gadwal crack down on traders and vendors who are not following the rules.

    In Gadwal, the legal metrology staff conducted inspections at shops and vendors selling daily essentials in Ieeja municipality. The inspections were led by inspector...

    Goons loitering at playgrounds, causing trouble in Old City Hyderabad

    Playgrounds in the Old City of Hyderabad have become a gathering spot for troublemakers. Recently, youth engaging in bad behavior like fighting, drinking alcohol,...

    Private cab drivers claim they are being harassed by middlemen and pushed into a difficult situation.

    In Hyderabad, private cab drivers hired by the Transport department for the Lok Sabha elections are not receiving payments at the fixed rate set...

    Engineers from Mission Bhagiratha meet in Hyderabad

    Hyderabad: Mission Bhagiratha engineers are responsible for supplying drinking water and maintaining the pipelines, said Panchayat Raj principal secretary Sandeep Kumar Sultania. He instructed...

    “Offering of a Kilogram Silver Wheel to Santoshimatha Goddess”

    Devotees at the Santoshimata temple in Nagarkurnool presented a one kg silver wheel to the goddess during the daily puja. The gift was handed...

    BRS supports farmers, urges statewide protests today

    In Hyderabad, BRS chief K Chandrashekar Rao criticized the state government for deceiving farmers and called for protests in constituencies. He accused the Congress...

    BRS urges statewide protests for grain purchases

    The BRS is calling for protests in Telangana today. The party president has instructed members to organize protest programs in all constituency centers across...



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