Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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    Palamuru’s Harita Haram Initiative Faces Setback

    The Haritahaaram mass plantation programme in the Palamuru region has come to a halt across five districts. Despite the monsoon season, no district administration...

    Small environmental group unveils strategy to combat climate change

    Nine-year-old Aariv K Rao and his five friends have started a plantation drive to increase green cover and fight climate change. The Greater Hyderabad...

    Plantation drive by GHMC faces obstacles in Rajendranagar

    In Rangareddy, the promotion of urban forestry by the GHMC’s Urban Biodiversity Wing is not as proactive as before. The Charminar zone, specifically in...

    Female entrepreneurs in Telangana State pioneering eco-innovation and empowerment in Hyderabad

    Female entrepreneurs in the startup industry are making a big impact by innovating eco-friendly products and inspiring other women to lead independent lives. ArunjyothiLokhande...

    Greens prepare to launch campaign for tree maintenance throughout the city

    In Hyderabad, many trees have been cut down or improperly pruned in the last two months for development projects. This has raised concerns among...

    Konda Surekha urges continuous efforts to promote green initiatives: Konda Surekha

    Konda Surekha urges continuous efforts to promote green initiatives: Konda Surekha

    Hyderabad Launches Tree Census and Conservation Drive to Preserve Greenery in the City

    A comprehensive tree census is being proposed in Hyderabad to protect the city's green cover. Illegal tree chopping has raised concerns about the environment...



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