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    DCA conducts raids on unlicensed practitioners, confiscates supplies of medicine

    The Telangana State Drug Control Administration (DCA) recently conducted raids at three clinic locations operated by unqualified practitioners. Medicines stocked at these clinics were...

    Medications seized by DCA over false claims

    The Telangana State Drugs Control Administration (DCA) conducted a raid on a medical store in Attapur, Rajendranagar, and confiscated a medicine called 'ALTACOLD Suspension'...

    Hyderabad: BRS leaders to play ‘Chaavu Dappu’ outside homes of defected MLAs

    Leaders of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) are working hard to apply the anti-defection law against MLAs who have left the party. They are...

    Government to introduce new power policy following the end of election restrictions

    The Telangana government is planning to introduce a new power policy in the State Assembly soon after the election code is lifted. The goal...

    Himachal CM unafraid of political challenges

    Asserting that he is not afraid of political challenges, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu on Sunday said the government has come up with developmental schemes and policies for the welfare of the people.

    Captain Amarinder Singh, ex-Punjab CM, accused of aiding BJP in Himachal Pradesh unrest.

    • Discover the intricate political maneuvers in Himachal Pradesh as former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh reportedly collaborated with the BJP to destabilize the Congress government.
    • Amid familial ties and political ambitions, Singh's involvement in facilitating defections and orchestrating dissent sheds light on the complex dynamics within the state's political landscape.

    Dr. Laxman sees BJP as the future of Telangana

    BJP MP Dr K Laxman expressed concerns that the State government in Telangana may face a similar fate as governments in Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh,...



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