Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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    BRS government taking steps for the welfare of journalists in Khammam

    Journalists in Khammam received eye tests on Wednesday, as part of the Telangana administration's commitment to their welfare. The Zilla Parishad Chairman, L Kamal...

    KCR urges employees to maintain the same spirit they have shown for nine years

    Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao opened a new district collectorate and SP office in Nagarkurnool on Tuesday. This is the 19th district collectorate...

    “Kanti Velugu programme screens more than 1.58 crore individuals in Telangana”

    The Telangana government is conducting the Kanti Velugu programme, which is the world's biggest eye screening programme. Over 1.58 crore people have been screened...

    Minister Rathod: TS has experienced swift progress over the last 9 years

    The Minister for Tribal Welfare, Satyavathi Rathod, visited Mulugu on Tuesday to inspect land for the construction of an integrated collectorate complex. While there,...

    2 crore lives in Telangana to be illuminated by Kanti Velugu

    The Kanti Velugu programme in Telangana aims to help people with vision problems. Over 1.54 crore people have already had their eyes tested and...

    Milestone in fight against blindness celebrated in Telangana

    The Telangana government is working hard to stop blindness that can be controlled. They have screened 1.50 crore people as part of the Kanti...

    Progress Report: 59 Health Centers and 38 Village Dispensary Sub-Centers Underway in Wanaparthy

    The District Collector of Wanaparthy, Tejas Nandalal Pawar, announced on Tuesday that 59 health centres and 38 village dispensary sub-centres are being built in...



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