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    Minister Vemula | Encouragement to Municipal Progress: Minister Vemula

    Bhimgal: State Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development, Vemula Prashant Reddy, stated that all types of development, including the improvement of state roads and building branches, have been achieved through the City Progress Program. The minister made this statement during the City Progress Day celebrations held in Bhimgal, Nizamabad district, on Friday.

    In this context, the government has resolved to change the outlines of urban development by providing basic amenities to the people and by ensuring that the boundaries of municipal corporations are expanded. They have also explained that Rs 250 crore has been allocated for the development and welfare programs within the municipal limits of Bhimgal.

    They have attributed this progress to the efforts made with national resources. They mentioned that Bhimgal's development had been hindered due to neglect from the government, despite representation from the commissioning agencies of the central government. However, they expressed their satisfaction with the approval of funds from the Central Finance Commission, which will now enable the state government to carry out development projects on par with other states. They also mentioned that the funds from the central finance commission will be used properly for the management of municipal finances and for achieving successful outcomes.

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    Minister Vemula: Strong support to urban development

    Bhimgal: Minister Vemula Prashant Reddy announced that through the City Development Program, state roads and building department will promote the development of all types of municipal towns. He made this statement during the city progress festival held on Friday in Bhimgal in the Nizamabad district.

    In this context, he expressed the government's commitment to change the outline of urban areas by providing basic amenities to the people and ensuring proper maintenance of public assets. The Bhimgal municipality has allocated Rs. 250 crore for the development and welfare programs within its jurisdiction.

    He also mentioned that this progress was made possible through self-sustaining resources. Bhimgal city has progressed in terms of development due to the representation and efforts of the administrative class from the united state. They have been successful in obtaining funds from the Central Finance Commission, which has approved state funds on par with other states, to carry out developmental activities. Additionally, they have efficiently managed the funds for municipal administration and achievement of goals.

    The efforts of the government to ensure development and welfare programs are commendable. It is crucial to continue these efforts for the overall progress and improvement of living conditions in Bhimgal.



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