Thursday, November 30, 2023


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    Deeksha Diwas unauthorized, confirms Police

    The police in Hyderabad have denied permission for the BRS party to hold a Deeksha Diwas event at Telangana Bhavan. The BRS leaders wanted...

    Today, Prime Minister Modi to engage in roadshow

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to participate in a roadshow from RTC X Roads to Kachiguda X Roads in Hyderabad on Monday evening....

    Leaders of IIM and BRS unite with Congress Party, led by Zameer Ahmed Khan

    Several leaders from the MIM and BRS parties have joined the Congress Party in Nizamabad. The leaders joined under the leadership of Zameer Ahmed...

    Congress leaders unite with BRS in Bhuvanagiri

    Tummala Vinod and the 6th ward leaders of the Congress Party have joined the BRS Party. They made this decision at the party office...

    Jana Sena offers support to BJP in Mulugu

    Kolipaka Prashanth, the Janasena Party in-charge of Mulugu constituency, met with Bharatiya Janata Party's MLA candidate, Dr. Ajmira Prahlad at the BJP party office...

    BJP candidate Prahlada asserts that Mulugu’s development hinges solely on Modi

    The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA candidate for Mulugu Constituency, Ajmira Prahalad, expressed that the state can progress only when BJP and Modi come...

    Kishan accuses BRS government of neglecting city’s development

    State BJP chief G Kishan Reddy criticized the BRS party for neglecting the development of Hyderabad. He mentioned that 80% of the state's revenue...



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