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    KTR | ‘Swachh Badi’ in every municipality in the state with a budget of Rs. 71 crore: Minister KTR

    KTR | Hyderabad: State IT and Municipal Administration Minister KTR announced that the state government is allocating Rs. 71 crore for the implementation of Swachh Bharat in all municipal corporations in the state. He stated that the program includes awareness campaigns for the youth about waste segregation, compost preparation, and various methods to maintain cleanliness. KTR attended the Telangana State Formation Day celebrations held at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre as the chief guest, where he spoke about the progress made by the city under the Telangana State Development Programs.

    After the formation of Telangana state, Chief Minister KCR has initiated numerous revolutionary programs, said KTR. We will continue to work like the TS-iPASS and TS-BPASS initiatives. We have provided opportunities for building construction through self-certification. We have achieved comprehensive, integrated, equal, and inclusive development in nine years. We are even surpassing Bangalore in the IT sector. The IT industry is booming in Hyderabad. We have achieved progress in every aspect, including agriculture and urban development, said KTR.

    KTR expressed his satisfaction with the simultaneous inauguration of 150 ward offices within the GHMC limits. He emphasized that this will lead to great success. Municipal officials working in the Greater Hyderabad area are working diligently with utmost sincerity and dedication. We follow the principles of Telangana and also adhere to the country's guidelines, he added. We are focusing on improving schools and providing basic amenities, said KTR.

    KTR highlighted that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's surprise over the TS-BPASS Act. He mentioned that we also implement it here. For nine years, our ministers and officials have not indulged in any corrupt activities, he clarified. We are working with transparency and achieving progress in all sectors, said KTR.

    KTR expressed his happiness and said that we have achieved a lot, but there is still more to do. He praised Rajnikanth for appreciating the development in Hyderabad. He called him a person who returned the lost pride to the country. He said that when he visits some areas in Hyderabad, it feels like being in New York. This is a great achievement for our TRS party and engineers. Despite the challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, our officials and engineers have worked tirelessly to construct roads and flyovers at a rapid pace. We congratulate them for their dedication and commitment, said KTR.

    KTR also informed that 22 sanitation workers are working day and night to maintain cleanliness in Hyderabad city. They have made the city clean and sanitized during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are grateful to them for their hard work. The sanitation workers in India receive the highest salary, and we appreciate their efforts. KTR appealed to the public to cooperate with the sanitation workers and provide them with support.

    Overall, the article discusses the allocation of funds for the Swachh Bharat program in municipal corporations, the progress made under Telangana State Development Programs, the inauguration of ward offices, transparency in governance, and the efforts of sanitation workers in maintaining cleanliness in Hyderabad city.



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